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What makes Flutter the Leader in Mobile App Development

According to you, what is the best thing that the user or the consumer looks for before opting for your app? The answer is simple; it is the amalgamation of smooth animation, beautiful design and an upbeat performance.

The new age consumers are not willing to compromise on either of the above-mentioned aspects in a mobile app and this is where Flutter comes to the aid of mobile app developers.

The journey of flutter to the Top

A Brief History about Flutter

Flutter implements Dart object oriented programming and the first version was released by Google in the year 2012. Since then, Flutter has seen some unprecedented growth and especially in 2018 and 2019, Flutter programming language grew an unreal 532%.

The level of growth is good enough to indicate the popularity of Flutter programming language among and the app development companies.

Why Flutter is the future of Mobile App Development?

Making App development process very easy

The mobile app developers can have a time of their life while working with Flutter as the programming language makes the process of app development easy and lightening fast. With Dart as the programming language, Flutter can overcome the drawbacks caused by using fancy scripting and push time errors. Dart has a very strong type system that allows the developers to locate the problems early.


Moreover, Dart has a running in interpreted mode which makes the hot reload experience for the developer even more joyful. In addition to this, with compile mode, you can compile down the native machine codes at the time of the release of the app. With all these features, Flutter programming language with Dart will give a uniquely suited and wholesome experience to the mobile app developers.

Less Coding, Quicker Writing

Flutter gives superior quality and enhanced mobile app development solution that helps your business to stay class apart from your peers. Hiring a flutter developer will reduce your product development cycle as the amount of codes the developer needs to work on is less.

This is because in Flutter can work seamlessly on all the leading platforms and enhance the quality of your end product and fix the bugs and add new features in an even more competent manner.

The coordination between the designers and the developers is enhanced with Flutter. More cooperation between the teams will lead to more competent mobile app with added aesthetic elements that will play a major role in customer acquisition and retention.

Better Customized Apps

Flutter makes your mobile app look distinctive, stylish and unique as compared to your business competitors. Everything is customizable in Flutter, even the tiniest pixel. It gives the freedom to the mobile app developers and the designers to make their own subclass or design their own widget.


The mobile app developers can build state of art customized mobile apps with eye-catching fonts and gradient color that will distinguish your product from the boring apps around. Greater visual appeal is important for Mobile App because it will increase the chances of your potential customers to go for your mobile app which will increase your business prospects.

Giving Amazing Layouts

The best possible outcome you can get when working with Flutter that your mobile app will have classic layouts, far ahead from the app layout of your peers. There are a number of things that are included in the layout viz. page media, multiple columns for texts, floating elements and much more. Flutter will also provide additional layouts such as grid and flexbox; that will help to showcase their creativity and develop the best possible mobile app.

One of the problems with layouts is that a plethora of rules apply on them which in result can create a conflict. The dozens of elements will make the layout slow and decrease its performance. Flutter makes this process relatively simple with the customized widgets which support all the rules and do not affect the layout model. Instead of having a large set of rules for the layout, each widget will have its own simple yet effective layout model.

Enhanced Performance

Flutter programming language makes the process of mobile app development lightning fast and also increases the performance of the apps. With all the required features Flutter is perfect for developing efficient Cross-Platform apps while giving native experience to the user.

Flutter is an open-source in nature and has a flexible framework. Thus companies of all shapes and sizes can use flutter to make a mobile app to increase their performance in the market realm.

Flutter is easy to adapt even if you are a novice mobile app developers, just trying to get into the groove. Mobile apps developed using Flutter run smoothly across all the leading platforms thus creating an enthralling experience for your customers.

Minimal Mobile App Testing

Flutter gives you better end products with lesser tests. As the mobile apps built with Flutter can run on both iOS and Android, it naturally reduces the test procedure and decreases the time taken for product development drastically. Since the amount of test procedures are reduced, the quality assurance team can complete their work with double speed and precision.


The single codebase system of Flutter will ensure that there is no need for the software testers to restart their process whenever the app comes in for an update. The testers just can automate the mundane task and thus can concentrate on the new things added. The single codebase will also ensure lesser time taken to review a mobile app, thus enhancing the speed of the procedure.

Wrapping Up

Whether you believe it or not, but Flutter programming language is going to make its presence felt in the mobile app development domain. So it becomes necessary for the mobile app developers and the app development companies to opt for Flutter in order to stay relevant in the market.

Moreover, Flutter app development is easier to understand and implement for the mobile app developers and will yield rich results in the future.